1st Fri Fireweed Gallery Homer
Wolf Eel 12x14 - sold
Raven descent 12x14 - sold
Heron 12x18  sold

Living near the coast has always felt right for me and influences my art. I grew up in southern Maine but I lived in Alaska most of my life. My wife Kath and I used the boat we built to explore the coast in South Central AK. In 2010 we moved to the Oregon coast where we now live.

Some years ago I saw an amazing mosaic wall mural at the Pratt museum in Homer AK which sparked the idea to give it a try myself. I have found mosaic to be a very versatile medium allowing an incredible range of possibilities, and a LOT less maunal labor than the stone, slate, and tile work I did in the past for hearths..

My first showing was on a 1st Friday in May 2010 at the Fireweed Gallery in Homer AK . Recently I was a member of Pacific Artists Alliance in Lincoln City OR.

I am still experimenting. I have used various glass wall tiles, ceramic wall tiles, and a variety of mosaic tiles such as Prism, aura metallic, smalti, sigris iridium. I'm now playing with concrete, sandblasting and mixed media.

           P.O.Box 316, Gleneden Beach, OR 97388



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pelicon medallion 14
Chanterelles 20 dia sold
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Anchor Medallion 18x24 sold
Jewled Star 12x14 sold
K Bolete 20 dia nfs
MOby 14x20 sold
Mermaid surprise 20x36 sold
Octo ring 10x14 sold
standing gull 10x12 sold
Owl eyes
starfish table 18 dia nfs
tree of life 22 dia nfs
crab moon 12x12 sold